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    Couple of Questions.

    So I started playing Rohan Origin about a week ago and it's actually been very fun. Although lvling and doing quests were quite tedious, I actually met some great people along the way and helped me out a ton. Still though, I have a couple of questions.

    (Currently a lvl 63 Scout with full set of Sedorian with 50-60 dex each piece (+0), a crap ancient lvl 50 xbow (+0), and just some 20+ vit rings from mobs. At first I was 3 dex 1 vit, but switched to full vit since I was way too squishy and I was practically useless at minor dungeons. I've only been able to really farm by making a lvl 1 alt stay in my pt, and killing massive amount of mobs like the ones in Temple of Silva. I'm planning on keeping dex on my armor and wep, and just staying full vit with vit rings.)

    1) What kind of stuff should I start spending with my insignia? I haven't spent any yet, should I keep saving them up or maybe buy the lvl 66 ancient wep? (Got around 80ish)

    2) Should I try and build Natu already? I currently have around 30-40m in my treasury, but someone told me it costs almost 200m just to make a decent Natu set, and I should have them by lvl 65. I don't think that's possible for me.

    3) What do I do about my weapon situation? With my crones, I don't think I can afford the lvl 66 Ancient Xbow with decent stats. Should I just make a crap one or tough it out and just save for the next ancient xbow (Skywalker)?


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    Well with this wacky week thing, Id farm for natu with dex/vit and dex/pdef parts and make it. You might not spend 200m. I know I didnt. Plus I might beable to give you some parts when I get home if your on.
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    Alright thanks! Yea so far I've been farming a bit and I managed to make my Tunic, and it only cost me around 8kk.

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