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    Hi! I'd like to report 2 cheating characters

    Name: Claris1, Xyzz3
    Cheat: Disconnect people, teleport
    Location: cross forest F7
    Time: around 7:45 am PDT

    Description: they challenge people to pvp, and if the one challenged dont respond they get disconnected from the server. I tried accepting the challenge but within 5 seconds after killing them they reappeared in the same spot. Please respond GM thanks

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    there is a scammer spam in elim more than 5 hours,

    I've tried sending message by facebook, ticket and online whisp from 12:30pm PDT to now

    still no GM replies, the scammer is still online

    I think, maybe he gets paid more than GMs, so he works much harder than GM

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    good news I have report 5 of them, all craftsman job
    enjoy your corona viruses

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    Hi i found 2 different artisan were able to enter rainbow arc (herkaus forest). Isn't it supposed to be entered by character max level 90 only? Is it cheat or is there any special condition for artisan?

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