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    Have you seen a Cheater!?!?


    This time we came asking for your help to defeat the Cheaters!
    Its almost 100 banned users in less than a month, but we still need your help to make this number even bigger!

    We have made this "anti-cheater" file for you to report them!

    If you have seen a suspect character around Shiltz using ilegal programs, please, use the URL below to report it!

    Report Cheaters here: http://bit.ly/2uklxey

    Thank you in advance for your cooperation on make Seal Online Blades of Destiny the game with one of the best communities!

    Seal Online Team.

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    have u seen that "Team battle video" ? im sorry, did you just completly ignore it ? is that 17.000+++Damage is LEGAL now ? is abusing BUG become LEGAL nowdays ? are they immune from BANNED bcuz they pay more than the others ? have u investigate all Gambler in MESSIAH ? is one of them is Playwith staff ? or a friend of GM/staff ?
    so many complain about that guild in the game but,still...dont care.
    looking for cheater and ignore damage BUG abusing, yey......GGWP.

    if GM and staff still positive they all clean, explain to us what kind of STATS, BUFF, BOOSTER and DARTS they are using. So, we can test and check it in our Character to make it clear.
    what are u afraid of from sharing info ? oh wait, every criminal is afraid if they crime is revealed.
    Criminals : god damn it, police will come after us, what should we do?
    Police[corrupt] : relax man, we can talk about this. this is my number, u can transfer here.
    LOGIC ??

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    Now players can not see other players bpet,
    Because sometimes his attacks hurt because his bpet was not in unsumon.

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    Dear GM or everyone can i ask you something pls

    I open the kiosk and sell CAPOEIRA COSTUME for 2 billion after it sold out my Cegel is not increase pls anyone can i explain this
    i'm not typo about the price i sold that costum
    Please help me i just want an explanation i'm affraid there is someone using cheat i want a secure on this lovely game

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    How about a ks'er on the game can we report them in this thread? I noticed since indonesia server has been shutted down ther's alot of low level player ksing everywhere. Is this kind of play is allowed ?

    If can i would like to report this player:

    Nickname: Wlear (warrior, recruit) lvl 112
    Negative conduct : purposedly ks ing all player in deranged titan skull
    Location : western red soil
    Time of conduct: Monday, 24 july 2017, 2.20 am pdt
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    I've sent a ticket for 17 hours but no one replies the ticket

    unusual attack speed player
    Isn't this a problem that you guys need to care about???


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    Hello guys. We are going to track down every cheater and third party programm user.
    Thanks everyone for the support. We are always monitoring the game.

    Seal Online Team.

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    Help!!! Cheater in Sealed Island
    i don't know how to report

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    Quote Originally Posted by vrvvdark View Post
    Help!!! Cheater in Sealed Island
    i don't know how to report

    Hello Vrvvdark
    We really apologize for the late response. Anyway, the only thing you have to do is to take screenshots of the cheating player during the use of cheats or any third party program if you think he is using it.
    Then send us a ticket to our support plattform. http://portal.playrohan.com/Support/
    Just put the title as "Cheat Report" or something related.

    NOTE: Videos are the best for these kind of reports.

    Seal Online Team

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    im already sent ticket for 14 hours can you reply my ticket . thx GM Wermuth

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