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    Seal online KR server update~

    Hey guys, seems like Seal Online Korea is still going strong! Check this new Update!

    -Level Cap increase from 251---->261

    -New Map+New Boss + New Monster

    -New Armor set

    When are we going to get this update???? looking at the server right now.. most probably will be a freakin long time but who knows?

    So for those who can understand korean please >>>> http://www.sealonline.co.kr/event/Ev...70628_20170802

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    Greetings Holmez,

    Please note that we are working to bring all the new features for Seal Online.

    We cannot update it all at once since that it can cause a high amount of bugs and other problems, but Seal Online Blades of Destiny will surely receive such features in the future!
    As you may know, we already have scheduled updates for this month of July and August. Keep an eye on our Forums and Notices!

    Best Regards,
    Gm Kurumu

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    Greetings to you too KurumuGM,

    Yes I do understand about that and of course, I am waiting for it as well! Please by all means do not take this post with a bad intent and I certainly did not post this as a bad intent to the server. I just post this over here so that people over in this server knows what is going on over in the KR server. At least we kind of have an idea what is the future of the server. Anyways, Please and please do fix Duran's Economy problem since it is still happening and its not slowing down any time soon. Thank you

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    Need moar info

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    Yeah, In THAI server(So many cheaters), they have this update,
    There are more new skill at Lv 251 and 257(On some Jobs).
    I play as artisan, There are more appraise skill at 257 -*-
    A player who play assassin in Thai Server show his news short duration buff skill that allow all assassin's cooldown to become 1 second.

    Also, I can combo even my attack speed go very high at 130 but the combo which begin with AD is so hard to success pressing it.
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    Demolitionist : will have one aoe skill with a chance to stun and better app.
    Apos: will have revive buff which will ress us straightaway if we died and a unstopabble/ invicible buff to party which make us immune to all status effect for couple second.
    Assasin : as mentioned above and another damaging skills.
    Swordmaster : have one aoe skills with 3.6k % modifier ( is this even balanced?) and aspd buff.

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    Yeah, Maybe someday we may can compare new artisan and demolitionist appraise skill which one is better...

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    dont give us promise but prove it... BOD always behind those server..come on u got alot players here more more then others seal server, we spend rps for get good service and good content in game not just waiting waiting and waiting... see those others server keep updating new contents and the BOD still work on clearing cheater , game bug and just update for old contents...

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    no any new update information? lol

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