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    So... since it is now 3 pm pst i assume now at this point that the event has ended seeing as how its been over 24 hours since the last phrase was posted are you guys planning on supplying us with a link to participate anytime soon.

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    ok here i go again and i am really becoming tired of this. First for some reason i can no longer like or comment on the facebook fanpage. I assume that is because someone got embarrassed at your office and blocked me from comment hell since i have no problem calling you guys out it, however might behoove people instead of being offended or embarrassed to actually listen for once. Especially since it seems that i am continually griping about the same issue event management. this brings me to my second point of the day once again you are running an event that the prizes are due to be dropped at maint today but as of this moment there is no ling to even enter it and maint is in less than 12 hours. this is leaving vast numbers of players unable to enter said event. At this point most people wont be able to enter even if you post the link now. go look at the comments on facebook. Please advise your player comunity as to this issue. and finally in the future make a more concerned effort to conduct in game and face book events as announced doing so will not only increase player confidence in the pwi staff which isnt very high at the moment but it will also reduce the amount of flames you recieve as well. past moderator staff ran rbf into the ground for the same reason dont do the same here. its not that difficult to post event perameters its just as easy to follow them on your end. thank you

    this is the ticket i just sent getting really tired of this at every event yet they get mad when we flame them different crew same old same old

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    I lol'd so hard when they posted the 30% boost event on their FB page and then someone responded with:

    "wait, you guys said 40% ingame" followed by a screenshot of a GM actually saing "40%" ingame.

    He wasn't even rude, just stating a fact.

    Then couple hours later, as I talked to a friend and wanted to show it - it was gone.
    Deleted. Probably together with the poster.

    That's just... lol.
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    Yep my point is its every event i know its just free stuff but it undermines player confidence when its always a hassel to get rewards or even participate because posted perameters arnt followed by those posting them.

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    so.... no link 5 hrs before the maint that the prizes are supposed to drop during guess we saved phrases for jack nothing got it.

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    There is an event you can enter. I just handed in my answer. You CRY a lot about nothing. Maybe that's why you keep getting ignores and blocked.
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    lol hey troll just so you are aware they changed the parameters after the fact. and for the record i have every right to complain since unknown to you sir and i use that term very loosely, that in the last 3 months i have been the guy that alerted then to event issues on at least 4 occasions all of which were resolved server wide as a result of as you say my crying so till i find you and pk you till you rage quit good day

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    Going to go forum warrior and threaten my guildie.. We can have some fun in game. I die? You die? I dont give a flying fk ;D
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    Haha asif he can kill me and asif I havent been pk'ed before. Never understood why people use that as a threat since it has absolutely 0 influence on my life.

    Again some guy who acts big and thinks he is our great savior with his crying to GM but actually fails miserably to be of any influence both in game and in life. You can just see it by looking at the way hé writes, wordchoice, and his name.
    Pay 2 Win is my middle name

    Eline - Templar, soon the best ever
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    If you need something you can ask. You can ask, doesnt mean i'll give what you want.

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    lol fail but keep trying

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