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    Destiny Vs Eincarnation ;D

    Still new at making videos, getting better tho! Subscribe to the youtube channel I plan on making more videos with better pvp scenes!

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    Also, make one with melee desync for me pretty please.
    PWi is unable to reproduce that issue and, therefore, does not see anything wrong with current melee pvp -.-'
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    This is Essenseof Rohan lvl 100 "PvP" Vs what lvl were they? 6x? 7x? Make PvP vs som1 with your gear, cus this is like adult fight 6 y/o kids.

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    Then get at their level. If Real Madrid plays vs a second division team no one complains. Either get at their level or don't fight at all.
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    They're 9x lol

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