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    The reason of that because the scaling is not 100% its 10% and its even less because it says it counts melee attack also which is pure stupidity, thats with int skillls/+ ffs dont know about wffs/dffs i mean lv3 int skill hits less than regular attack still when you are building full int lv3 to be 10% is ridiculous, another fail of YNK description not matching the actual skill scaling + not to mention how skills sounds are also messed up and switched up
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    My guess is it's a typo if it's 10%. It's actually better if it's physical damage because mdef in Origins is massively higher than pdef.

    I'm unsure this will still really work for PvP, though. Attack force values are likely going to be around a quarter of what we had in R:BF from the fact that str/dex/int have .6/1/1 scaling rather than 4x across the board. We'll see if it gets fixed post-beta. I'm hoping it does, as int dekan is fun.

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