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    Question About Defender Leveling

    Greetings! my defender is currently level 190 and I am hunting at Cankura at the moment. However, many people told me to f**k off because it was their spots. Where should I go next? my friends suggest chicken god but GOD it hits me about 300 damage. are there any other places that have big mob like Crack Crab and [Protector] Cankura? i'm planning on buying 20x XG Armors. Thank you.

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    I don't know if this would help but you could try :

    Level 180++ - Siren,Maid Catfish, Bear F2 or Any Poibus Mobs
    Level 180++ - Duwee Croocker, Royal Skeleton Guard or Any Crude Valley Mobs
    Level 180++ - Frightened/RAM Zombie, Gust, Evil Cow, Alleu, Koallala 2nd, Dark

    But thats from a guide I've found on Defenders. Not sure if you have tried those areas yet

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