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    Seal Online Lagging Directx 12? Windows 10

    Currently want to return to this game but have a probllem. Game somewhat lags as I play or login into the game on this laptop. Other laptop it is fine but this one is my main laptop. Is there anyway I could fix the lag Issue because it doesn't run smooth on it.

    Pc Specs:

    Gtx 1070
    cpu : i7 7700HQ
    32gb Ram
    directx 12

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    i have the same problem, i have try each gpu in my laptop, in its still lag.. my ping is good, my laptop spec is good too...

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    i got this problem too.....first i play it went smooth...but later it lag more and more for every login.....i have try many ways to fix it but still nothing.
    uninstall the game and reinstall seem fix it but after some login, the lag become more and more again.....pls anyone has the solution for it thx ^.^

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    Please be aware that SEAL BOD is not compatible with Windows 8 or above neither MAC OS. It works best with older versions like Windows 7 .
    Sorry for the late response.

    Seal Online Team

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    FOUND A FIX! I use nvidia card and this made it run SUPER Smooth! Go to #2 video settings on this website. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfil.../?id=625627818

    Basically open nvidia control panel, add a program, find SO3DPLUS, and set first 7 settings to OFF,
    Max pre-rendered frames = 3,
    openGL rendering GPU = your graphics card,
    Texture filtering - Negative LOD bias = clamp,
    threaded optimization = on, vsync = off

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    cant you make an option so there is 30fps-60 fps in the launcher? i played with amd ryzen so i cant do the nvidia control panel thing.

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    my cam view is not lagging, but the character, and monster are like 10fps. i had amd ryzen 5 and this is kinda annoying

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    Got it
    Right click on the launcher, then click properties, go to compatibility, checklist Run this program in compatibility mode, change it to windows 7, checklist Run this program as an administrator, then click Change high DPI settings, checklist High DPI scalling override, and then change it to Application, click ok, then Apply, Restart your PC.

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    it because the game optimization, they couldn't handle DirectX 11 or above, and GM also said the seal online only compatible with windows 7 well it could overcome with set compatibility to windows 7, but the problem was the DirectX of application programming interface that relationship with the graphics card, unfortunately this game hasn't game optimization so we just hope to the developer to add that, so we could play 60fps with all resolution, I read from the windows forum, they cannot downgrade the DirectX to below version.

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    I know this is in Indonesia but this is the fix guys.. you can use it from windows 8>win 10 https://youtu.be/rrc3R-bPbmI

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