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    come on PLAYWITH, put your brain into gear and give us a warninig when your going to stick a maintenance in.poor poor management.
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    and again......

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    Wasting all my abs/dd stones...

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    Quote Originally Posted by murko View Post
    Wasting all my abs/dd stones...
    U will buy new ones, that only will make U closer to Vip10 xD But seriously it's kinda annoying that we can't lvl now ;p (and sleepy time soon).

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    It's back up

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    and back down ... they installed a new feature... a roller coaster ride lol

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    i hope they send out dungeon reset cards with whatever compensation package they come up with for this.

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    Greetings Rohanians!

    The server disconnection is now fixed! You can now enjoy the game fully! Thank you for your patience and proper compensation will be followed next week.

    Best Regards
    RO: Origin Team

    Read more: http://forum.playrohan.com/forum/sho...#ixzz4eIgHa9J6
    Dont think so all its ok cuz i see agein server under Maintance. Its Joke?

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    probably a restart just to add the fix.
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    yea and now agein? Server under Maintance... LOL rly?

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