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    Dekan suggestion

    Rather it would be a dragon knight or dragon sage, we all know that both classes excel in maximum hp and deals hits based off of hp and vit from either you or your enemies.. but dragon fighter hasnt really been reworked to help in either direction... for instance.. seperation zhen and its 2 attack skills that go with it.. are pretty much useless late game.. lets not forget at early game it can get you killed cause you not only drop in dmg.. but you even drop in defense only to gain attack speed just to use 2 skills as a dragon fighter.. and this is even more useless late game when you have transformation.. since you cant be in seperation zhen while transformed making about 4 skills useless late game.... so my suggestion would be a rework on these skills to benefit a dekans prowess.. like a boost in overall defense based off of a total % of vitality.. and other attacks that can do aoe to actually help the dekan in doing alot better when playing solo.. have to admit.. they are really slow at leveling by themselves.. only really good aoe a dekan has is wffs.. they dont really excel in any aoe

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    so now better dragon vit knight or sage int? or STR?

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