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Thread: Crones BUG

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    have unsealed the crons on em?

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    yes man ...

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    are you sure you bought them for the right server and account? Have you verified in your purchases listing?
    Having problems with this game?

    Look at the top of this web page.
    See that thing that says SUPPORT?
    Click it and follow the instructions to contact the support people.
    They will not help to you in these forums.

    Also take the time to look through these forums before asking that question.
    There is a LOT of answers in here.
    Chances are that your question has already been answered and it is FAR faster than waiting for someone to answer you

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    Yep i ask many people about that problem and i found that im not the only one with this bug

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    It happened to me .... it said unsealing failed...... and the chrones are gone

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