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    Unhappy Just an honest opinion about RMT

    Dear GMs,

    Do you realize why people do RMT instead of trading in game and in cegel?

    Not saying I myself do RMT or encourage anyone to do RMT, but please...

    If you are a player in Duran Server you will realize cegel already become the least worthy currency in this game.

    For instance if you visit a random shop there's likely some random gear/pet that will be priced over 1 billion, some times even 10 billions.

    For new players when they just joined the game, how are they going to survive under this kind of economic environment?

    The only way without doing RMT (which is the way you guys intended to lead them into), is to spend rps in this game. while it rarely gives anything good rather than all trash that worth nothing to others. (Say, Rabbit Ear. DG, no one will buy that. You end up spending rps for nothing).

    I do NOT encourage RMT at all, but GMs, please think about the factor of WHY its causing players to do RMT instead of trading in game.

    While you guys are busy targeting RMT sellers, please take care of other players in this server and make sure everyone (not just rps spender), gets benefits while playing this game. I read some other posts about buying cegel for limited costume and pets, in which I think its a great way to start with.

    No one wants to see Seal Online BoD to be wiped out. If wiped, you guys will lose all these players and spenders anyways.

    (p.s sorry english is not my first language, feel free to discuss anything)

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    cegel is worthless
    buy pot?lol....

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    I want to see BoD to be wiped.

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