1. Climb a Tree
Christmas Trees have been placed in every main town in Shiltz!
Speak to the Manager Snowman at the base of the tree to travel to the top.
Traveling to the top of the Christmas Tree costs 20,000 Cegels for Elim, Lime, Zaid, and Madelin and costs 150,000 Cegels for Sevis.

2. Help the Sobbing Girl
At the top of the tree in Elim, you will find the Sobbing Girl, who didn't get any presents!
Speak to the Sobbing Girl, and she will ask you to collect Gift Boxes from Bales all over Shiltz.
Bring her 100 gift boxes and she will award you with 1 Shining Light.
Once you have 5 Shining Lights, you can turn them in at the Newbie Santa at the base of the tree for a Rudolf's Hat!

3. Special Guarder Sale
Get Transformable sleigh ring from street merchants during Event Period

Duration : 12/13/2016 - 12/27/2016