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    Maintenance Notes 12/13/2016

    Greetings Rohanians!

    The following has been conducted during our maintenance on 12/13/2016 from 3PM to 9PM PST:

    ◆ General (ALL SERVERS)
    → Conducted Routine Server Maintenance
    → Processed Special Services
    → Refreshed EM Transactions
    ◆ Update
    → Elemental Dungeon Renewal
    ◆ Events
    → Christmas Gift Event
    → Christmas Level Jumping Event
    → Christmas Playtime Even

    As a special treat for everyone, we have decided to give out a compensation, 1ea Hunter Kit (8 Hrs) and 1ea Growth Seal (3Hr) 400%, for extending the maintenance.

    Everyone may use the following Promotion Codes:
    Jainus : 1213COMPJAINUS
    Isen : 1213COMPISEN

    You can only redeem them until 12/14/2016, so be sure to get yours before it's too late!

    You may redeem the codes here:
    Once the codes are redeemed, the item can be found in the in-game Item Mall Inventory!

    Thank you for your patience.
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