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    -Well the video was taken after pvping for at least an hour already. Also, I have no pots at that time, I was just told to log and PvP right after I got home lol :P
    I was also B00B's targeted priest, because duh I'm better than Nawal. I target their temps hardcore (debuff/ vacuum/ bind).

    -And yes I'm a girl and that's me in the pic.

    Edit: The first time I died, I was casted with a stun that prevents you from healing/ potting, also that stun adds more dmg to anyone who hits me. So regardless of having pots, I'd still be dead as fvck lol.
    And I usually don't cut out the part where I die so yeah
    Well, I could get used to watching speed-played gameplay videos like this one. I think its fps looks way smoother than in-game. The FPS in-game (I verified it using FRAPS) was only 24 fps. Dagnabit! IT PAINS!!!!

    But, anyway, good job with the vid, I wish I could participate in clashes like that. But the most people I have seen in a single spot was in Lime Jainus. They we selling crack and pot or whatever.
    That drop of Bloodied Crimson which taketh away the sins of the world...

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    hehe i smash whole rohan solo bro. The one and only Fategod showing kidz how its done

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