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    Weekend Sale:EXP Boost! [ALL SERVERS] 10/28/2016 - 10/31/2016

    Greetings Rohanians!

    Harder! Better! Faster! Stronger!

    We will have upcoming content requiring stronger and experienced Rohanians.

    For this weekend only! The Special Boost Package is making a comeback!

    What's even sweeter is that it's on a discount for 20% OFF!

    Don’t miss you chance to level up faster and become stronger!

    Duration: October 28, 2016 00:00 PDT - October 31, 2016 24:00 PDT

    Special Boost Package
    Contains the following:
    x1 Sealed Growth Seal(7 days, 400%)
    x1 Harmony Seal(7 Day)
    x4 Harmony Seal 400% (3Hr)
    x4 Growth Seal 400%(3Hr)
    x4 Sacred Heart's Blessing(High)
    x10 Special Travel Food Pack (5 Feeds 120 mins)
    x4 Physical Def. Enhancement Scroll (Intermediate)
    x4 Magical Def. Enhancement Scroll (Intermediate)
    x4 Ancient Merchant's Inheritance(4 Hrs)

    The package will be placed back into storage once the sale ends on October 31, 2016 24:00 PM PDT!, so don't miss your chance!

    Grab the items on JAINUS here!

    Grab the items on ISEN here!

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