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Thread: Craftman skill

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    Craftman skill

    demolition skill is weaker then deadly smash?
    I think that skill need to be repaired because the demolition skill is need higher level to get that skill. so in my opinion deadly smash should be weaker than demolition

    thats all I can information to GM thanks
    check the craftman attack skill

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    In my opinion, it's Okay.
    Because Demolition Skill in this update has a lot less cooldown compare to the last patch.
    On the other hand, Deadly Smash has increased the damage and also cooldown(however, doesn't long as much as Demolition from the last pacth).
    (you may can use Demolition,Deadly Smash,Demolition when you are at higher level. )
    If you notice, Deadly Bloow has increase cooldown too.
    Area destruction seems to haves less damage a bit but also have less cooldown which you may can spam it if you have not much attack speed.
    Also, all skill seem to have less asp to perform faster.

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