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    Red face Official Recruitment from guild Shadowfalls! [English]

    Please contact Melonidas for joining Shadowfalls as Katherinec no longer in that guild. Thanks
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    I think you should also post in Seal Online's Facebook page. I see some players asking if there are English-Speaking Guilds here. Good Luck!

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    It's a fun guild, and the guild holds some guild events too.

    By the way, Shadowfalls guild is for Duran Server

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    i miss being sf guild member

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    still have a slot for member?

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    Is there still slot to join ? IGN: Tsukikage

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    Hay lắm chủ topic

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    Hay lắm chủ topic

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    Hello everyone! we are still recruiting members for our guild Shadowfalls! for more detailed information please see below ~!

    official Recruitmen from Shadowfalls guild [DURAN Server]

    Guild Name: Shadowfalls
    Server: Duran
    Language: English

    If you are looking for guild that specially with english as main language you can join our guild ~

    We are just a guild that likes to:
    - Hunting / farming
    - Leveling Battle Pets , evolving pets
    - Hang-Out
    - do mini Event
    -sharing information around seal , or anything else
    -raiding , sageing, alcaing

    How to Join ???
    You can contact me using in-game message (Whisper / Mail)
    Or reply to this thread ~

    IGN: Xenacrus (master)
    IGN: Frestcalonica (duke)
    IGN: Snowpop (Duke)
    IGN: Workzz (marquis)
    IGN: Selenia (marquis)

    Basically, we accept everyone that enjoying seal online , love to chat, sharing information,etc..

    Read more: http://forum.playrohan.com/forum/sho...#ixzz55a7TtK9m

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