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    Red face Official Recruitment from guild Shadowfalls! [English]

    Hello <3

    I am Shadowfalls's master, Katherinec, and im here to write an official recruitment from my guild Shadowfalls.

    Shadowfalls is pretty well-known in duran server for being an international, english-speaking guild.
    Our guildies are from all over the world~ mostly in Asia, but we have people from Western time zone too

    SF focuses on PvE instead of PvP, we do guild raids, guild alliances raids, Alca, Sage tower very often

    If you are interested to join our family~ SF always welcome you!

    Once again, looking forward to see you guys~ <3


    **** Update : Even though I already retired, but Shadowfalls still here in shiltz :3
    If you would like to join, please PM:

    Master : Melonidas
    Dukes: Snowpop
    Marquis: Kafuuchino, Pontos, Juce

    If none of them are online, please send an in game mail to Melonidas, he will reach out to you asap !
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    I think you should also post in Seal Online's Facebook page. I see some players asking if there are English-Speaking Guilds here. Good Luck!

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    It's a fun guild, and the guild holds some guild events too.

    By the way, Shadowfalls guild is for Duran Server

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    i miss being sf guild member

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