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    put a character without armor on AFK no MR ppl to make a venge..

    im playing rohan since 2010 but maybe im quiting now just because this kind of player doing this strategy..should gm fix this issue that should be afk ppl cannot kill player around the area while afk using Hunterkit...this strategy is make ppl quiting from rohan game like me...ty

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    I have been seeing this a lot to, I was on HK in Rone and for some reason i killed someone and apeared on my killed list on the PvP tab. Gms cant do anything about it cause its part of the game mechanics only Korean devs are able to change how this works :l
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    Quote Originally Posted by Baked12345 View Post
    Why won't we just hunt these people?
    be our guest.

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    Happens to me too, they use weak ranger(usually) so your AOE will kill them, some doing that just to abuse venge system so they can venge you with their main and kill you 24/7 for fun, some are savage that want your 7s buff and they wouldn't care if when they trying to steal your buff accidentally killed you or not(same ****), what makes it even more **** is, when I happen to be not afk and those savage came I tried to attack them and they say their magic words "STOP" "STOP" just need your buff". But then killed me later when I afk. Dilemma happens.

    For the former I will fly to Par'Talluca or Rev'Deca region and follow the patrol when I go to afk so they will dead by Patrol if they venge(only works if you are Dhan or Dekan and the venge abuser is not one of those races), I know that means I'm not exping but at least they will think again if they want to have fun with me later(I mean they can target another player rather than me, hopefully)

    For later, maybe let's not have 7s skill, hopefully they will target another player who have 7s.

    Last solution, play non AOE class such as ranger.

    But really the Korean should fix this thing, the easiest fix on my mind is : No hit list appear when ones killed a "PINK" char name. Pink means hostile, so if we killed pink name it should be count as we defending ourselves, so we aren't guilty.

    But yeah I don't know if they would do something about this issue or not. Good Luck.

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    thats part of using the hunter kit when you open it it even warns you. so if u dont want it, level manually or join a guild and get mr

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    I like to do this strategy on my enemy
    Undecided by the changes that have taken place lately.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Baked12345 View Post
    Why won't we just hunt these people?
    This is done by most people to get fast venges to places like Ron, The Mines, Sunken, Upper and alike. Its also a vital part of hunting for kos parties. You may not have a veng on your enemy but you may have a veng to someone in the area that they are (possibly). If you happen to get caught/ killed during the veng process- thats the risk you take when playing a pvp game.

    And gl hunting for the veng chars, most are lowbie/ non played alts that have 1 purpose.

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