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    is there no weekend sale on IM

    i need to do some forging and was waiting for weekend sale to buy some shiny options or pres stones if they are avaialbe. usually they have a weekend sale every week?

    just wondering if anyone knows if they are skipping a week?


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    Wait for it or send a ticket asking for it
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    ah okay, i am a returning player sorta so i was under the impression there is mid week sale and weekend sale every week, as thats how it has been for the 3 weeks i have been playing.

    i failed to forge my shiny teardrops option so now i need to wait unitl the next one T_T

    Thanks for resposne guys

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    hopes spring duck ticket

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    Quote Originally Posted by muchotrabaho View Post
    hopes spring duck ticket
    the spring duck ticket is pretty useless nowadays. They have closed the dungeon and I haven't heard any updates about it being opened again.

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