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    Forgot to say, even if you seen her in "People you may know" list, why u had to
    1st look at her profile since you don't know her rl ?
    2nd look at her pix and save her pix ?
    3rd sent it to joel ?

    There's here 3 major moral violation I found in your attitude...
    The only reason I found is that ur a patholical retard and stalker...
    I think any "normal person" with a decent brain would agree with me.

    Quote Originally Posted by snipers334 View Post
    I've been playing this game for about 7-8 years now, I never posted anything on the forums till maybe 3-4 years ago. I've farmed/traded all stuff I own and for 80% of the time I've been guildless or in a small guild(s). It's funny you say we never talk to eachother (which is true) but yet you seem to know how I get my gear, which guilds I'm in or was and how much I post here :P.

    This is what you looks like, and I play since 2 years or so from now so for my point of view :
    - since 2 years you post only retarded venom and got blocked by most of people here (exept PJ, Eagle and some lucid) so I guess when you have will something relevant to say, noone will take you seriously
    - the 20% rest you used what ? your tongue ? yes for suck I guess so from my point of view it been 2 years right ? you said it 80%... so I can judge too
    - this is how you look, no offenses here, with all due respect but someone that always used to be upper like a loner and getting raped by everyone until became a lime sz camper with 400% talisman on cause can't farm shouldn't talk much...

    The only thing you need to look at is the reactions the people in this game and at the forums give you, no matter where they come from or which side they're on, they literally all hate you

    Oh I'm not worried about that, I know most of people here are hypocrits and don't like being spotted using people, and it's because that I say it oud and clear to the face of these people that I'm hated. I know it, and the hate you spill without any proof about me just proof that I'm right.

    after-rationalisation, telling yourself you don't want to join any of those guilds lmaooo, you'd not be allowed to join any of them coz, like I said everyone knows you're retarded trash. Maybe try to become a comedian instead of sucking D for 7s will give you a more....steady income xDDDDDDDDDD

    Again... I'm sure that if I ask to join E2N I could join them any moment, just because at least I never used them or scammed them, they know what they did to me, and also they know we put them in guard with Joel and told them what would happend. But, as I said, not active much, and don't want to join for just support and pay for it (edit: I mean IM my Rumir with 7s, costume patern, etc, to pvp).
    Also, sucking D for 7s ? Tell 1 single person here that have my logs or logged my char/account, just only to charge rps, or even playing my char ? Noone, only my bank account is used here, noone else than me log my char, as I said yesterday also, noone have my bank info, or paypal (because I don't use it), so noone ever sent me money to get anything from me. So maybe Fate charged 7s for you to become a decent Guard (then Ranger) but no, noone ever charged for me. I can charge myself if I want to, I did actually, like 3 times I tweak my rumir since skills changed, just doesn't play enough to spend for 7s, and as I said, I won't feed this company that NEVER listen to players demands, like a sheep. If they want money, they should learn to work properly as everyone does in real life.

    Feel free to bark more hates mate. It's funny to see you so mad after I answer you. No hate, it's just a game.
    Or u can just grow up and get some maturity...
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