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    EXPlosive 4th of July Weekend

    Greetings Rohanians!

    We've got a sweet treat for everyone this 4th of July Weekend!

    Gather your friends and party up!
    There will be a Double EXP Rate event for both Isen and Jainus starting July 1 at 17:00 PDT to July 5 at 00:00 PDT!

    For maximum grinding potential, the following Packages will be put on sale at the following rates!

    20% OFF:
    Gold Solo Pack
    Gold Party Pack
    Gratt Treasury Conquest Pack
    Silver Solo Pack
    Silver Party Pack
    Elemental Dungeon Pack

    30% OFF:
    Ultimate Master Pack

    The following 30-day Weapon Sprit Stones are on sale for 20% OFF:
    Uzud's Spirit Stone VI : DEX(30 D)
    Uzud's Spirit Stone VI : STR(30 D)
    Uzud's Spirit Stone VI : AGI(30 D)
    Uzud's Spirit Stone VI : PSY(30 D)
    Uzud's Spirit Stone VI : INT(30 D)
    Uzud's Spirit Stone VI : VIT(30 D)
    Ash'kelen's Spirit Stone VI : HP(30 D)
    Ash'kelen's Spirit Stone VI : Magic ATT(30 D)
    Ash'kelen's Spirit Stone VI : Ranged ATT(30 D)
    Ash'kelen's Spirit Stone VI : Melee ATT(30 D)
    Khassar's Spirit Stone VI : DMG Drop(30 D)

    Wanna make sure your tiny leveling companions are safe and taken care of? No worries! The following pet items are available for 20% OFF!
    Pet Revival Ticket
    Special Pet Food

    The Lucky Stones and Deluxe Reinforcement Packs are making a temporary comback! Make sure to grab them before they go back inside our vaults!

    AND! For July 4th ONLY! The following items have been set to go on sale from 12AM to 11:59PM PDT:
    20% OFF:
    Rare Forge Preservation Stone
    Unique Forge Preservation Stone
    Premium Preservation Stone

    30% OFF
    Arrendal Transmutation Stone
    Arrendal Preservation Stone

    Deluxe Reinforcement Pack
    This pack contains 1x Deluxe Equipment Reinforcement Abradant, 5x Enhancement Abradants, 3x Armor Reinforcement Stone VI, 3x Weapon Reinforcement Stone VI.

    Make sure to take advantage of these awesome prices and stay tuned to catch more opportunities for great items coming your way!

    Grab the items on JAINUS here!

    Grab the items on ISEN here!

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