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Thread: The new origin

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    The new origin

    2 questions I need to know
    -Is it going to be a good grinding with no crap op stuff? ( notice idc how its end is going to be I have played all versions and servers of rohan, and I know they all ended with op stuff what I like most about this game is that it gives u the chance to farm and grind hardcore at early stage even if for a littile of time.

    -Will there be an English version of it or it will be just korean.
    Please dont go into unnecessary details I just need a direct answer.

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    Is it really that hard to reply in the already existing topics about this particular server? No offense, but it's literally a thread above the other one.
    Anyway, to answer the question;

    1) nobody knows
    2) nobody knows

    More elaborated:
    1) there's no mention that there will be NO OP stuf. There will just be no epics and some skills will be adjusted - but this does not change how the damage output is calculated. Will this be a craft free server? I've already seen armours with sockets - what will be the options to put in there? Too much attack/dd /crit / etc. will still be an issue.
    Will the current skill issues be addressed properly? It's hard to tell.
    2) if there will be, it won't be too soon considering previous iterations of patches and their delays.

    It's also not certain that whatever Korea changes, will be done the same over here. It's not the first time that skills and items are changed due to different markets.

    Edit: don't mean to sound harsh in the above... starting my 15th hour at work with hardly a lunchbreak in between and that on a Friday.. - I'm a bit miffed >.<
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