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Vs 3 party? Were was that 3 pt? And btw party 2 was only 1 person rofl.. and btw gratz to your victory.. just sad we had past with 50/50 stones and jos to.. wat about your team? 4 with 200/200? And what about agi dhans? Op like ****... anyway we had fun and you guys had fun ^^
It seems someone is salty u could not win with zerg? if i remember correcly VietEpic died a bunch of times cause VN focused him to get rid of MR which they did with success for a few secs before rebuff, however....they STILL failed to take down 1 party?,

im not that good with math but you guys were atleast 14 people, and that annoying rumir and Misfit never died despite VN brought zerg,

Just the fact that you sir are even on the same team as Past says alot about you dude....GL next pvp, if you only brought 2 partys this time then maybe u guys should try tripple loggin and get a 3rd pt going? whatever it takes to win right?

and why the **** u droppin these salty comments on a post where a guy wanna thank his guild for being nice to him? u must have some really sad life hahaha