.. my GPU?

So, I have this 4y old pc (no laugh, OK?)

Z77 Extreme 4 MOBO
Nvidia GFX Zotac 670 2GB
8GB 1600 DDR3

This thing has served me fairly well for the past 4 years, haven't had any real troubles with it.
Anyway, I got this game Total War: Warhammer, which can be pretty taxing but due to optimalisation of the game I was still able to churn over 30 FPS on mostly HIGH settings - which to be honest is pretty something.
As with all new games Nvidia had a day one driver up so downloaded that.

I played the game like a real no-lifer as of Tuesday until yesterday - that's 28hrs per your info. I had the week off, except for today.

Anyway, no issues, all fun and giggles. Now today I loaded it up again and screen went black. I still could hear background so pc was still running, just no visual.
I rebooted, screen froze everything got stuck.

Rebooted again in safe mode, no issues there. Figured might be a drivers issue. Did a system restore back to 05.23.2016, no luck.
Manually installed new Nvidia drivers (yea, the correct ones) - pc restarted.

Native resolution (1080p) is gone. Went to check upon my 'devices'.
There's an exclamation mark on my GFX reading:
Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43)
When troubleshooting, it wants to instal new drivers, but after doing so it needs reboot. After reboot it's back to the exclamation mark and wants to reinstall them once again.

I deleted the GFX from the devices, did hardware scan. Reinstalled, but same issue persists.

Any tips and tricks?

1070 isn't out for another month .. ..