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    hey...something about new event.thanks for help

    so i got little lost

    do i need to get 500 pcs of 1 kind only ?
    or 500 pcs of 3 kinds ?

    then i need to log off....and send ticket ?

    thanks for help

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    Just 500 of 1 kind. Then send log off, send your ticket.

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    allright thanks a lot

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    And make sure sending tickets with the right registered email address... GM's don't assist. Tried once using not the registered email address they replied me i should send the right emai.
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    ...and I got this advice from GM for a faulty request :

    When sending in a ticket, please follow the template below for faster processing:

    Title of Ticket:
    Stone Collection Event

    Stones Collected :
    Item Location : Inventory/Treasury

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