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    Can we get a EXP ulti pack?!

    So I remember a while ago we had the ulti pack which basically had a bunch of stuff like scrolls, talismans, and stuff for getting exp.

    The way I see it now, its a mixed bag of trash that isnt needed for leveling so much as it is usefull for items for pvp.

    What I suggest for 5k rps or 7999 erp

    30day 200% exp solo talisman
    30day 200% exp party talisman
    30day Double M.Kill talisman.
    5 300% exp party scrolls
    5 100% exp solo scrolls
    3x 45 slot light weight bags
    1 30 day lvl 3 monkey
    1 30 day hunter kit

    So this thing is 50$ its a good chunk of change. This wont really replace the current ulti pack. However I think the items in that should be changed as well.
    Ulti Melee pack
    5x 50% hp scrolls (3hr)
    5x 50% melee scrolls (3hrs)
    5x 100% sprint scrolls (3hrs)
    30day +30 all stats talisman
    2x Gold Trophy (15day)
    30 day lvl 3 lion
    30 day 100% mobility mount
    3x 30slot tightly sealed bag (30day)

    Then you will have 2 additional ulti packs. One for magic, and ranged attack.

    So you will esentially have 4 total ulti packs.

    Ultimate EXP pack
    Ultimate Melee Pack
    Ultimate Magic Pack
    Ultimate Ranged Pack

    The only differences for the melee, magic, and ranged packs will be what attack scrolls are included. The attack packs will remain at the same price as the current ulti packs. The Exp one will be more expensive for obvious reasons.

    Nuff said gettin my grind on.

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    Um send this as a ticket on support and ask your friends to do the same thing.
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