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    This is where im goin

    written, performed, produced by LucidInsanity

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    "you could be anything joel" - Jimmy Page

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    heres somthn i made tonight..bored

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    we got another frank on our hands, a fake musician none of this sh.it you actually made i found both of them online with a app on my phone lmao. scrub

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    stop lying shoooooorn every note, every instrument is me.

    dont be too jelly lil worm XD
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    and give back the $2500 knightdream said u scammed from e2n you lil thief

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    Quote Originally Posted by Baked12345 View Post
    Yeah we know ur good already at music.
    Can you please move your music to"http://forum.playrohan.com/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=32" because it is ruining my essence of reading the General section of this forum.
    So do you but I can hardly make you start your own section in an abandoned thread so my ''essence of rading'' is improved. huehuehuehue
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    its not abt being good, but thanks
    its abt sharing and feedback is fine good or bad

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    use the app on your phone that detects music on the internet by playing it, and you'll clearly see none of this is that ugly kangaroo looking faggot mother fu.cker

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    hahaha so jelly XD

    he dont even know hes complimenting my music ty ty

    if you want my autograph just ask bud all gd
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