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    RMT Scam Prevention

    Real Money Trading (RMT) is the #1 method scammers use to steal money from players. They promise to sell you awesome in-game items for cash but run off once they receive your money! These scammers make sure they never talk about RMT in the game and request that you contact them via FB message or Skype where GMs won't be able to protect you. After you send them the money, they ignore you and/or pretend like they have no idea what you're talking about.

    Stay cool - TIPS to avoid getting scammed!

    • Discuss trades only in-game. Out-of-game chat logs and screenshots can be faked and will NOT help you.
    • Scammers can sell you an item and report it as hacked/stolen. Without in-game log as your proof, the item will be taken away from you and returned to the scammer.
    • Use our Exchange Market to make safe, legitimate item purchases.
    Prevention is the best solution. Do not Real Money Trade! It's against our Terms of Service.

    OH NO, I got Scammed ... What next?
    • Send a ticket to the GM team with all the proof - screenshots, chat logs, etc. (Please be aware, we will not restore money/character/items)
    • GM team will not be able to return your money or item, but every report helps us build a case against the scammer.
    • Contact the money transfer company you used, example: Paypal, Western Union, Venmo, etc. to file a report.
    • Please note that reporting to police and suing MAY NOT get your money back. Even if you have the scammer's personal information, the law may not be able to help you. Prevention is the best solution. Do not Real Money Trade!

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