last time i played rohan activly was 5 years ago! back when the civil war against the guild JustForFun were taking place haha,

ive been reading alot here on the forums and trying to catch up on everything thats new and such,

However, ill figure the best way the learn the new ways of the game is thro a guild

i plan to once again be very active in the game and i am looking for a guid that can make use of me and update me about everything new with my favorite game,

being an oldschool player i am very aware of the weekly amount of RPS you need to put in the game in order to be of help during party grinds and TB, ( buff scrolls, party scrolls seals and so on ) which i am ofcourse gonna make sure i am stacked up with

I am level 107 Guardian,

what other stats, armors, specs etc is for you to find out in game

feel free to pm me here or in game

char name: Khoen