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    R.O.H.A.N.: Blood Feud Restoration Policy

    Greetings Rohanians!

    We would like to announce the UPDATED Restoration rules and Guidelines for the restoration of items from the GM team for January 2016!

    Due to numerous concerns about the new policy, our team has decided to revert the changes to better match our players responses.
    Please know that we will do our best to fine the best possible solution to stop and decrease the chances of future abuse.

    [Overall Rules]

    * For any restoration support, you need to report the loss to the GM team VIA TICKET as soon as possible.
    * If the issue happened more than 30 days ago, the restoration request will be denied.
    * If access to your account has been shared, Playwith will be unable to support you with ANY account restoration actions. Heavily shared accounts will also be at risk for account closure. In case it wasn't clear:


    [Case I : Sold Item(s) to NPC by Mistake]

    * Your item can be restored by the GM team after removing the crones that you obtained from the sold item.
    * If your crone balance isn't enough to cover the the cost of the item, the GM team may ask you to scrape up enough crones to cover the cost.

    [Case II : Dropped Item(s) by Mistake]

    * If your item perished without being picked up by any other players, your item may be restored by the GM team.
    * If another player picked it up however, this case would be considered as part of the game, and NOT be eligible for restoration.

    [Case III : Dropped Item(s) by PVP/PK/Monster]

    *All cases of this are considered part of the game, regardless if someone picks the item up or not. These items will NOT be eligible for restoration.

    [Case IV : Hacked account / Compromised Account Issue]

    * If the account hasn't been shared, the GM team will do an investigation. If your account has been shared, the investigation will be DENIED.
    * However, if the items(including Crones / Characters) were consumed/processed in the game via level refinement, forging or any other in-game features; those items will be restored as is, to avoid any abuse on compromised account restoration support.

    [Case V : Trashed Items]

    * If the item was deleted with the Recycle bin in the inventory, it may be eligible for one-time restoration if you report it within 90 days from when the item was deleted.
    * Title Tickets however, can be restored after 90 days.

    [Case VI : Anything involving a Shared Account]

    * If you shared your account, Playwith will be unable to support the case because we're NOT allowing players to share their accounts.

    [Case VII : Missed Prizes/Rewards of In-game Features]

    * If you missed any prizes or rewards from In-game Features such as Elemental Dungeon, Power Arena or Survival Arena, we are NOT able to load prizes manually unless it was caused by a bug.
    * For example, if disconnection was caused by any issue from In-game Features, then you will need to wait for the next opportunity to participate.

    [Case VIII : Exchange Market Restorations]

    * The items deleted on a character before an Exchange Market sale will NOT be restored.
    * The only items available for restoration after an EM sale are Title Tickets.

    Restoration Policy was updated on January 2016, and it is effective immediately upon this update.
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