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    Topping up using @-cash bought in Thailand doesn't work

    So recently I went and bought @-cash to come refill some RPs in Rohan because I saw that refilling using pre-paid cards was an option. So I went out and spent a ridiculous amount of money (148USD / 5328THB) on pre-paid cards because I planned on buying a lot of things, but when I get to the refill page for prepaid cards, it says it is only available for two games within the asiasoft (playp@rk) selection of games, Audition and PSO2 (Phantasy star online 2). I thought this might just be for the website, but I also discovered this on the Singapore and Malaysia website. So now I have 148USD worth of prepaid serial numbers sitting in my wallet unable to use because I don't play PSO2 or Audition.

    I want to know if anyone has a way of doing this with @-cash or MOL Points if possible. I really want to topics because I don't want to waste the money. Thank you.

    PS. - Feel free to respond in Thai, thank you.

    พอดีออกไปซื้อบัตรจากราน zest ที่ฟอร์จูนอะครับแล้วอยากจะรู้ว่าเติมเงืนยังไง เพราะว่าเข้าไปถึงหน้า top-up ก้ขึ้นว่าเติมได้แค่สองเกม คือ ออดิชั่น กับ pso2 ช่วยหน่อยครับ

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    register at mol points , then buy load at load central or what ever is available there for mol points , if u recieve the pin top it up at mol points site select rohan to load ur rps ... i hope this will solve ... have a good day !!! )

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