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    Quote Originally Posted by Ratster View Post
    Hello every one again,
    First of all, few weeks ago was last month. And thank u for looking out for me. There are few things we should all realize by now. If players dont like to spend money, those events are there for them to get stuff. If players do spend money, they can buy those items easily(except shinny..they are on IM once a while). Then we are going back to square one on the issue of "Pay to Win". If players dont spend any money, how is possible they get screw on this event. I clearly remember I learned how to make my rps from Sunnyangel by farming as much stuff as I can and sell them on EM. So,we are all trying to make our way to the top slowly or one way or the others. If PW did anything to change ur way of life, I am sorry, because online gaming can be as addictive as drug.
    In addition, better to have some events than no events at all. So stop complaining how long it is going to take ..how hard it is going to take. After all, life is not easy.
    Thank you very much.
    "few weeks ago was last month"? It was over 35 days ago... i'm sure you're one of those people that would call a 4 year old kid 48 months old.
    I'm done. There's no reasoning with people like you. Your mentality is exactly what they thrive upon. Keep being content with **** events and watch how far they push their boundaries.
    That's what they do. They keep making events worse and worse. Shying away from play to win to force more players who would not normally buy rps into finally giving in and start.
    They used to have decent events 5 years ago. The events today, compared to 5 years ago, are a complete joke. That is how you are getting screwed.

    I quit for two years or so and would get emails about these new events. I'd read it and laugh. It's a waste of time. Only reason i even came back was because some old friends of mine had came back as well.
    I spend money and don't have a problem doing so either. So, in reality, these events don't really even matter to me. 90% of the time i know it's going to be ****, so i don't even bother reading what it's about. Would be nice to have an event actually worthwhile every now and then though. The game has become a chat room with stuff to do on the side. Been that way for years. And unless you stop being content with their **** events, it'll remain that way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ratster View Post
    In addition, better to have some events than no events at all. So stop complaining how long it is going to take ..how hard it is going to take. After all, life is not easy.
    Thank you very much.
    Yea, better have no events at all, cuz "free players" cant win sht anyway, Last man standing = Pay 2win player win always, that boss hint events? same story. Thats why not many ppl go to this events aka waste of time.
    And Rohan? is Never ending Grind fest, when U stop lvling u rly dont have anything else to do in this game anymore.

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    Hello every one again,
    Despite what u are saying, let us go back and re-examining this event and this event only. After all, we are talking merely this event.
    What do we do with our IP tickets prior to this event? What can we possibly buy with our IPs after the upgrade and onxy were introduced.
    Nothing good except 1000 pet feed. And it cost 400,000 IP tickets. So, now there is an event we can trade them for some goodies, but I have to say..yes both IP events are too close in the time line. But what can we do...at least, it gives others who might have missed the previous IP event.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CPG215 View Post
    They tried with mirror dungeons... but then most of everyone cried about how hard that was. I do fine soloing it at 115+0. It's really not that hard, tbh. The mobs are something like round 6+ ele dung mobs in terms of hp but hit way harder... but then again people failed to realize that mirror dungeons isn't really meant for anything under 115+10 or non upg 115+20
    Thats not pve content because this is a pvp game where content is built to aid in the arms race between groups of players as they kill each other. The point is if the last 2 ppl left in this game are me and you I dont have to put in any extra effort and neither do you. I wont need lvl 7s on scrolls or costumes or conqueror lvls or new weapons/armor unless you get them. And quite frankly I dont think I would get them anyways since we play at different times. The GMs SHOULD have an understanding of this and work towards getting the MOST ammount of people involved and the easiest way to do that is through events.

    But nah the GM is totally right guys IP tickets are useless so lets make an event where you can buy random garbage with your IP tickets then we will overprice this random garbage and if anybody objects...................

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    its free anyway , all u have to do is spend time and make use to it ......xd

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    GM i have 2 characters which have more than 1k ips on same account ,can I claim hk 7 days for both ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChikenNoodles View Post
    GM i have 2 characters which have more than 1k ips on same account ,can I claim hk 7 days for both ?
    Well im not a GM. But it was stated "One Time Purchased Per Account" meaning you can only have the said 7D Hunter Kit on only one character.

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