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    Quote Originally Posted by BananaBandit View Post
    I loled at this. I know enough of everything to smell bs when it comes wafts across my nose. So are you saying that if your grandparents follow your instructions that they won't have to take insulin?

    Oh and for the record:

    I LIKE pie.
    Just because I like pie does not mean I EAT pie on a regular basis. Do you think I am fkin stupid? I am diabetic fort god's sake! Am I not allowed like something without having to constantly indulge in it? I will have pie. In fact I had pie last month. and 3 months before that. I enjoyed every single bite of it. And to manage my sugar, I ate less potatoes so I could have that pie. You see what I am getting at here? If you manage what it is you are eating you do not have to 'compensate' by taking MORE insulin. If you know what you are doing it is not really that big of a hassle.

    so please get your goddam facts straight. I have been diabetic for a long time and I well know how to manage it. And I have REAL medical specialists, not hospital janitors, working with me every step of the way to make sure I AM managing my condition very well during that entire time. I have more of an idea about this degenerative condition than you do since all yolu seem to have to go on is your observations of your grandparents. My data comes straight from the internal medicine specialists I see every 3 months.

    So yeah. I do know an awful lot from personal knowledge and experience. And for those things I don't have such in depth knowledge about, I am a researcher and have been very good at it since long before Yahoo! put out their first web crawler. I use the tools available to me and i tabulate the data I get to arrive at the right conclusions ans answers. There is nothing wrong with google. Google contains the sum total of all mankind's knowledge and is available to anyone with the skill to ask the right questions and sift out the right answers. Do you?
    lol Mr. penguinjanitor I see u didnt read well or u dont undertand, I never said follow my instructions, I said many diabetics like to eat whatever they want and after that they put insulin to compensate the mistake (thats a bad idea) anyhow ill not argue with a old timer, u can talk with urself or go outside with ur wheelchair and ur grandson or wife, old timers never lose they always win or tie.
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    Quote Originally Posted by brujohechizero View Post
    ...old timers never lose they always win or tie.
    True enuf.

    And don't u forgit it
    There is nothing noble about being superior to others. True nobility is gained by becoming superior to one's former self.

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