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  • Removal of DD Stat completely!

    8 7.55%
  • DD Stat Nerf! (Less DD per point of DD)

    2 1.89%
  • DD Stat Cap! (DD caps at certain amount)

    62 58.49%
  • DD is fine/needs no changes!

    28 26.42%
  • Other! Post your own Opinion!

    6 5.66%
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    Quote Originally Posted by crussandra View Post
    I post my items to prove that my DD parts are not came from hacks or dupes, this was included in migration of our character and as a conditon according to late GM Atzigan and to tell you that theres no such thing of 4 of us PH champions would sell our DD parts to anyone to preserve only to US and since GM's nowadays started to banning our accounts without a reason, theres no more reason us to continue playing RBF so we decided to freeze our characters so that you could only seeing Cherish and you only probably making challenge or be problematic only to Cherish rather to us and no ONE will abuse the power of our DD armors into a wrong foreign hands who abused, bullying weaker players and feeler player who keeps telling everyone to proclaimed HIM/HER self like so called "Strongest player in this server etc. . etc." because we believe that have a greater power comes wth great responsibilities rather than abusing your greatness to weaker characters instead of helping them
    If what u says is true, its completely retarded that GM ban these PH champions and not Cherish, because all know that Cherish isnt the winner of that event and it was Lyss4 or her husband that used to own these parts before (over 1 or 2 years, maybe more if he won the event ? but idk who won it at all), and they rmt'ed it to Cherish & Celese when they pseudo-quitted (as I heard Lucas play Tickle now ?)
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