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Im still good with 100% DD humans, I mean is this poll exists because few players who can't play anything besides templars started to QQ? Its hard for human to kill anything at all at this point, so lets nerf the only thing that has the advantage over temps? So templars will once again kill everything in the game, when human hardly can kill anything. OS cd is too long, elemental attack - well you can dump it in the toilet, no debuffs, no chance of seeing ppl in hide, no reflects, in other words u are that competitive as to kill people who dies to your reg cs. i mean dhans can kill anything, dk as well, temps everything besides 100DD humans, Noirs can drop anything, Giants have good dmg output as well, and 100dd humans, the only ones are good for reg hits, cs dun work with axe the way it is with sword, fixation doesnt work with axe, so we nerf ppl cus they can't kill **** with axe wield? Oh i know they are super OP - sure if u manage to be 1 v 1 and u get the stun first, still tho cs + os + 2 stuns with axe in a hand, i somehow doubt that it is enough to smite temp,dk,dhan (with op parry rate - use 1 tear and then the only one will be TD-ing human, oh no i lied, human won't TD, cus he knows thats a waste, inv rapes him like nothing else).

Only reason this thread exists is because Templars have been the top cash cow for the official game for the past 4 years. Last thing PWi wants is for all the temp players to ragequit because they can't kill everything with a couple swats. Income woulds drop to dangerous levels.