View Poll Results: What would you like to happen to DD items?

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  • Removal of DD Stat completely!

    8 7.55%
  • DD Stat Nerf! (Less DD per point of DD)

    2 1.89%
  • DD Stat Cap! (DD caps at certain amount)

    62 58.49%
  • DD is fine/needs no changes!

    28 26.42%
  • Other! Post your own Opinion!

    6 5.66%
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Thread: DD Items Poll~

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    When do u gonna stop rage about dd armor adams? Stop raging for that u will get a heart attk bro u.u

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    Quote Originally Posted by mohamed2558 View Post
    you think 90 % DD damage drop is fair for all classes ?

    i made 9 upgraded clubs and i kept geting fail damage drop until i could get 73 % DD on my club so 90 - 73 = 17 % DD more
    whoever got DD armor still have advantage in pvp right ?
    max DD should be 75 % for 1 Weapon user [ Elf , Dark Elf , Half Elf , Gaint , Dhan , Dekan ] classes total Damage drop effect from armor + Weapon not more than that .
    and about Dual weapon user [ Human ] class max should be 90 : 95 % DD

    so people with DD armor will still have advantage that even if they got low DD when they forge there upgrade they still can have 75 % DD right ?

    this is the best option for all
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    Quote Originally Posted by Roemedulas View Post
    When do u gonna stop rage about dd armor adams? Stop raging for that u will get a heart attk bro u.u
    He doesn't like temps being tankier than him because he is the best self proclaimed templar in sever.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mohamed2558 View Post
    won't bother my self to reply you
    i gave my feed back to GMS not you
    This dude never bother himself but you guys make him cry a lot
    delete ur dd and **** whteva u spent on this game x.x
    ah wait then GM will put them on again so ppl spend more money
    money in money out
    Stop bothering ur self dude and stop crying over forums


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    Read through most of this and most of it is just whiny kid's. No one ever asked for a nerf to DD. They just want ARMOR PIECES WITH DD DEALT WITH. Not a cap, not a nerf, nothing. If you want to nerf anything I'd 100% say nerf Marea's Battle. That **** it was too over powered. And before you say I'm only saying it's OP because I have a dekan, I also have 11% DD boots too, and I don't care if it gets deleted it's too OP.

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    I guess either everyone forgot what happened last time they put a DD cap or most of you weren't here. One time they put a DD cap and everyone raged in forums til they took it offand some ppl even rage quit the game, even Iceyy raged about it, now shes all for it even tho she doesn't even play anymore

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    Quote Originally Posted by mohamed2558 View Post
    for all almost 99.99 % of Players and its bad option for the 4 or 5 people who have DD armors
    don't think instead of others.

    I don't have DD armors, and i read and see your option is not good
    What items did you got, if strong more than others ppl you feel happy
    You will cry so much and keep jealous if others ppl got something better than you

    You are looks like children

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    Quote Originally Posted by shawnc1186ishere View Post
    I also have 11% DD boots too, and I don't care if it gets deleted it's too OP.
    How you got?
    You are hacker? edit items?

    Tell us plz

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    Where exactly is that "Report Post" button you talked about in your "Forum

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    Im still good with 100% DD humans, I mean is this poll exists because few players who can't play anything besides templars started to QQ? Its hard for human to kill anything at all at this point, so lets nerf the only thing that has the advantage over temps? So templars will once again kill everything in the game, when human hardly can kill anything. OS cd is too long, elemental attack - well you can dump it in the toilet, no debuffs, no chance of seeing ppl in hide, no reflects, in other words u are that competitive as to kill people who dies to your reg cs. i mean dhans can kill anything, dk as well, temps everything besides 100DD humans, Noirs can drop anything, Giants have good dmg output as well, and 100dd humans, the only ones are good for reg hits, cs dun work with axe the way it is with sword, fixation doesnt work with axe, so we nerf ppl cus they can't kill **** with axe wield? Oh i know they are super OP - sure if u manage to be 1 v 1 and u get the stun first, still tho cs + os + 2 stuns with axe in a hand, i somehow doubt that it is enough to smite temp,dk,dhan (with op parry rate - use 1 tear and then the only one will be TD-ing human, oh no i lied, human won't TD, cus he knows thats a waste, inv rapes him like nothing else).
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