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    Rohanopoly is back *UPDATED* 5/26/2015

    Greetings Rohanians!
    Rohanopoly has arrived as you requested! PLAY MORE! WIN MORE!

    Our critically acclaimed Rohanopoly has arrived for a limited time to give you free items the more you play Rohan!

    Updated 5/26/2015: Fortune Treasure Pocket is now available in Rohanopoly!

    Event Time: 05/12 - 06/09

    What do you have to do?
    • First you will have to reach level 50 to start earning coins
    • You will then have to play for 3 hours in order to obtain 1 Rohanopoly Coin.
    • Once you obtain the coin you will be able to get into the board and play Rohanopoly!
    • You will then have to choose where to claim the Items [Jainus or Isen]
    • If you are among the users who complete the board the most there's special rewards awaiting for you! [+1 Reinforcement chance will be valid until June. 23rd]

    Limitations (Due to issues with claiming the free coin, we have temporarily changed the Limitations):
    • You must be level 50 or above to start earning coins (YES)
    • You will have to complete the following tasks to get 1 free coin (temporarily changed):
      * Log in to Homepage (NO)
      * Log in over 3 hours (YES)
      * Enter Elemental Dungeon (NO)
      * Enter Ashkeena Dungeon (NO)
    • You must redeem the coins on the following day of playing after 12 noon.
    • Failure to redeem the coins on the next day will deem you ineligible for those coins.

    Example: Played 3 hours Monday, Did not redeem the coins Tuesdays, Monday coins will no longer be available for redemption on Wednesday.

    To get to the Rohanopoly Board
    Click Here!
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    played more than 3 hours, i entered ash,superior dungeon, i logged in home page , why? i cant claim gold coins?

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    the question is.....here on homepage dont say u need make ash and dung..but when u whana get ur free coin says need be lvl 50 make ash amke dung etc..so where is the truth>??..and i can t get coins to..and right now the clock reset so passed one day..like gm aztigan say u get coins afther 24h..the 24h passed and i still dont get any coin.and btw is not imp if u play 24h..cuz u love his game..cuz someone rich guy come buy 100 coins and win....

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    GM why i cant claim my free coin..?my char is lvl 100,, i log in home page,played more than 3 hours,enter dungeon,enter ashkeena... when i click claim button pop op msg says,, i do not meet the requirements to obtain free coin?... lol...wat happen?

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    Same with me... can't claim coin it say's i don't meet the requirements even though i did it all

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    same here, coin't can't be obtained.
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    wtf... cant get coin..fix it gm please, i was for 15 hours did ash/ dung and nothing...........

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    Same here maybe its at 12 noon game/server time? I don't remember since they keep changing this game i loose track of it.
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    can't claim coin it say's i don't meet the requirements even though i did it all...,,plss GM help me

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    Anyone going to do something about this? I think a lot of people are having the same issue here, the information regarding the requirements is misleading.
    Thank you.

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