Greetings Rohanians!

We conducted a migration event for PH players that were playing R.O.H.A.N. Philippines published by Level UP.
It really is a sad story when the game where they shared everything with is shutting down, without any other options.
It is because we want the PH players to continue adventuring in ROHAN that we decided to migrate PH data from Level UP to RBF even though it required a lot of hard work for us. I do believe this isn't a common occurrence in the gaming industry.

To avoid any form of abuse, we posted an announcement article in the PH website to not abuse migrated items by making money through RMT or by selling them to earn RPs.
It's not the purpose of the migration.

Again, we're announcing to you guys, especially PH players who migrated their data from PH server, that we do not allow PH migrated items to be traded for RMT or on Exchange Market.
Leave the items in the original character’s inventory, if they are transferred or traded, they will vanish from the game. This is because they were meant to stay in that character and not be traded to anyone else’s.

If anybody is caught trying to sell those items, the account will lose all the PH migrated items and will be banned permanently after the investigation.

As for the players who plan to buy the PH items, it will be your loss as the item will disappear automatically and Playwith is not responsible for any losses that will be incurred.
Please be reminded of that.

Thanks and Best Regards,