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    Quote Originally Posted by SirSawski View Post
    the one who is idiot is only u why? comment whole forum like a bish get life dude and stop make idiot with ur self.

    +1 he tried to come at me all hard on forums.. BEFORE merge.. ever since he hasnt said a word to me or about me and he knows my ingame names.. go ahead bandit say u dont liar. he just a forum troll.

    gms should implement a blocking function on forums.. ( not private messages but actual forums )where who u have blocked posts dont show up for you.. similar to facebook unfollow function so u dont see all the random crap from everyones page. that wud make banana stop posting.. cause everyone would block him and no one would see his post anymore... oh wait.. he a diehard troll so he wud just make/use alt accounts.. losers like him will nvr go away. but the fact that he keep posting about EVERYTHING only proves wut a loser troll he is.. .soooooo come on bandit troll some more u loser.

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    Damn! I got fans!

    If you are being a moron, I take great pleasure in pointing it out. True story. If i caught you were being a dipsh!t back then, then I'm pretty sure I turned my guns on you as well. But y'know that if you don't want to see my posts, all you gotta do is add my id to your ignore list. Pretty simple huh?

    Learn to forum there sunshine!
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