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Thread: WTS $$$$ ONLY

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    Thumbs up WTS rps ONLY

    WTS > ARTISAN AQUA.ring V+17
    - Keena's Second Sign +6 & - Keena's First Sign +6
    -Insurgent's Chain+12
    -Artisan Club V+18
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    So let me get this straight. You want me to pay you real money for this?
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    No only Rps
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    alexplacencia2 your account is about to be perma banned. anyone asking for or involved in RMT ( real money transactions ) gets banned by gms aswell as the accounts the items were sold /traded to.. id suggest deleteing / editing your post but im sure you already been reported. sry bout ya luck.

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    I dont know about that lol im new here $$$ Means rps
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    I dont want to get banned lol thanks for the info

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    @Atzigan... This guy should be banned.................................
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    Quote Originally Posted by AlexPlacencia2 View Post
    No only Rps
    If you desire selling these items for RPs, please use our Exchange Market.
    When you write down a title please avoid the $$$ "dolla dolla signs" that could mean you can get banned.
    Closing this thread, make sure to avoid breaking our ToS and sell your items like normal Rohanians.

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