I made this guide myself
currently level 242..
IGN : Altius - Arus Server..
Just in case you wanna ask something
And Sorry for my bad grammar since English is not my #1 Language..

This Guide was made by how i play

1 st Guide : ( Player with a lot of cegels )
Equip :
Head : BGM or Angel Link with additional Option aspd 6 or more..
Body : Any Suit for jesters ( .G / .DG / .XG )
Bot : Chicken / Bear / Maid Costumes ( any costumes with additional option aspd 6 or more )
Shoes : Wanderer shoes. G ( why this shoes ?? because this shoes has the biggest base attack speed for jesters )
Acc & Pet : Something with Offensive Damage Increase would be better

Status : Spent your status only for Int.. and find some priest to hunt with..
since you have no accuracy

2 nd Guide : ( Newbie / Player with few cegels )
Equip :
Head : BGM with any aspd option
Body : Any suit for jesters ( since i suggest this type to spent status points in str and agi )
Bot : Any costumes with aspd option
Shoes : Wanderer Shoes with any option
ACC : Any

Status : Spent your status on int, agi, and str... Agi and Str should be surpass your Body (Top) Equip Requirements... The ress is on Int
Still need Priest since this type has less damage

Reason why I give more effort in ASPD ?
As comes the great deal of attack speed, you will be leveling faster.. cause you kill more balies and get exp faster

Hunting and Weapon Guide : ( For Both Type )

Level 1 - 20 : Farm in "Town of beginner"... do all quest there.. and make weapon +9 with Faded Gems ( Crytsal, Ruby, Diamonds).. Don't go to any place before got +9 Weapon.. you will use it till level 50
Level 20 - 25 : Hunt for Bat Guy Mask... For 2nd Type.. Or Buy in Town...
Level 25 - 30 : Happy Bah Bah / Great Mage Piya... got some equip to sell on NPC
Level 30 - 40 : Crow
Level 40 - 50 : Travelling Cat in Boots
Level 50 - 60 : Meow-Gician ( drops Ice crystal for upgrade fame till recruit ) and Conceited Ostrich ( this bird drops Flame Dagger.G for hunt till level 90 )

After Change Weapon : ( I Suggest Flame Dagger.G.. make it +6 / 7 )

Level 60 - 80 : Giant Red Plumber / Peroa ( drops a lot of equip to sell on NPC ) This is where it comes to "Farm Cegels"... Why ?? You need cegels to Hunt till 251

Level 80 - 110 : Ice Castle's Lobby ( Fastest way leveling ) or you can keep farm in Giant red Plumber & Peroa in East of sealed island... Cegel oriented

Then Change Weapon to Torch Pillar.G ( buy in town since you got much money from farming )

Level 110 - 170 : Ice Castle's Lobby for sure

Level 170 : This is where you Change Job ( Suggest : Gambler, if you want to be assassin.. better be Gambler first till 251.. then change to assassin... Gambler leveling faster )

Buy Equip from Town Lime.. Or you can buy from playrohan item mall...
with some cegel you've earned in east of sealed island... should be enough..
I did farm till my cegel about 40 M or more.. Then went to Ice Castle
if you want to hunt without priest... spent 110 status point on Agi... maybe less is enough... but i suggest 110
After level 170, Buy 4 stacks of SSE or Autumnal Tint Vine to get your fame to greenhorn by Highest Central Mission's Quest to enter this quest.. read seal wiki or ask your friends.. since i'm not writing a quest guide ( Change to 2nd Job need minimum Greenhorn Fame, just buy.. it's cheap, you will get it back later )

Gambler Status :
Stamina : 50 Point
The rest is on Int

Equip :
Fate Dagger.XG
Fate Set HTBS.XG

Level 170 - 190 : 1st floor of Ice Castle ( Any Balie )
Level 190 - 200 : 2nd floor of Ice Castle ( Ice Clover or Ice Heart ) or Sikara Valley ( Abuca... Need wood element on your dagger to hunt faster, hunt for Small sized engine... Need about 20 stacks from greenhorn to reach Fodder... Max level 230 to do sevis' quest if i'm not mistaken.. )
Level 200 - 251 : 3rd floor of Ice Castle ( Ice Spade ) or Blue Eye Dungeon ( Need to finish 1st episode quest like Arus signature etc and 2nd quest tipareth etc )

After Fodder... Do 1 st episode and 2 nd episode quest
1 st episode will make your fame upgraded to Veteran...
2 nd ?? not sure.. i stopped in Veteran ( it has good enough SLEEPING BED... Lol )

So, after 251... i suggest you reset your status to PVP and PVE Type which has more Stamina
For assassin, This is where you change Job
Don't forget to change your equipment to be the best gambler

That's it...
Good Luck Jester's
Have Fun !!

- Altius