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    New class the Dwarves .... ROHAN...

    Open a new class the Dwarves, which could generate 2 new class after level 50; "Dwarf gladiator"; or Dwarves Rush. Would disperta a new world with new skills, new ways of battles. This new idea would bring a better search by AXE and POLEARM weapons.

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    Special ability, they have a 10% chance to steal gold and bossdrops and if they wear 4 rings +12 they unlock a new skill to disappear.
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    Dwarves TSB Bonus: Win the Township Battlefield and impose a 100% Tax on all stores

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    This could be a great update for 2020 (not the weird gold steal buffs). they need to add something new to keep it fresh. maybe they can add a new weapon too. the new weapon can be a warhammer for one of the dwarf classes and make the hometown something like the lonely mountian!

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