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    Nowhere does it say in the rules that you cant "fake level average" all it says is get 1st nobody cares how you did it just get 1st and thats what I did. The GM is not going to risk his integrity as a rule decider handing a def win to a bunch of sore losers who cheat in every single event they go into.

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    LOL look at these kids. Fighting tooth and nail to get the win. They that desperate for some +12 rings to sell.

    Fact of the matter is, we could have beat you if we wanted to simply by running 4 110 temps my defender and the wiz. Since we have the gears and access to the chars as well.

    What would you cry about then the fact that you didn't have access to the same pool of characters to make the party average 105?

    Listen, I know its hard for you to admit. I really do. However this way required the least amount of tries and more stable results with the least risk of being 1 up'd by mad kids who are sooooo desperate to win. I have a 110 temp, Iceyyy has a 110 temp, Shawn has like 3 110 temps... So we have the gears. The thing is. We really DIDNT wanna risk a death. The wiz and defender were ringers cause they had the most insane gear on lowbies 100dd on the def he wasnt going to die and 200k hp on a psy wiz ... lol

    But see here's the thing. If there was no rule against it, then there's nothing to say that something was abuse of a system. Rules were followed. We won your soooo MAD that you couldn't think of a way to beat us. So you cry like a lil kid that isnt getting their way... However.

    Tell me again why we should care that your sooo butthurt and stupid that it took more than 15hrs to replicate our results and are mad about the fact were smarter.

    Nuff said gettin my grind on.

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    it was 24 hours uncle dekon they had 15 hours to beat us :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by ImYouRDestinY View Post
    ohh god, Strellan. Yes we used your " strategy" just to show you tht we can also do it. not cuz we were stupid and didnt think about it while event was runing ,ok?!

    your level average is was 108, everything is in the logs and Atzigan is not stupid come on, our party of 6 members would win with 106 lvl average

    not yours or mine with 2 members, here is why dumbass

    because everything is in the logs, wether you quit party with your 4 members or not. you just cant fake the lvl average and gms can see.
    this is so true

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    Dont u guys got some ashkeena to get to? LOL

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    Well! After reading all of this...I'm quite disappointed.
    I guess I didn't prepare the rules to prevent people from fooling the system.
    This is sad as it gives only the reward to two players instead of all 6 players who assisted in the Dungeon Run. And this is not a hack of the board is just players using what's in the game to fool the scores.

    Do you guys deserve the reward for fooling the system? No, but at the same time I'll get the there was nothing in the rules rebuttal which is quite true.
    Due to not posting this limitation as part of the rules the players will be unfortunately rewarded.
    But I would like this event to be fair, and I want a full party of 6 players to actually obtain the rewards without fooling the system so I will run it once again after maintenance of 02/03.
    Until then...yay congratulations to the'll get your reward soon.

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