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    Maintenance Notes 01/06/2015

    Greetings Rohanians!
    The following has been conducted during maintenance on 01/06:

    • Special Services Processed
    • EM Transactions Refreshed (EM Disabled)
    • Back End Preparation of Trinity Update
    • Routine Server Maintenance Conducted

    In-Game Content Removal:
    • Blunt Santa has been removed
    • Monsters no longer drop Christmas Event Items
    • Alphabet Items Removed from the game
    • Snowballs removed From the game
    • Snowflakes removed from the game
    • Jinny NPC no longer available in the game

    Website Content Temporarily Disabled:
    • Exchange Market Purchasing Items Disabled
    • Exchange Market Selling Items Disabled
    • Exchange Market Selling Crones Disabled
    • Exchange Market Selling Characters Disabled
    • Special Services Currently Disabled

    The Unsealing Function is currently available.

    Pre-Merge Database Maintenance:

    The Pre-Merge Database maintenance has concluded, you will find out more about what happened here: http://forum.playrohan.com/forum/showthread.php?t=23327

    Special Events & Item Loading:
    • Four Rings to Rule them All Boosting to +18 = Completed "If you happen to have any issues please contact us via support
    • Christmas Ain't Over Til' It's Over Event Prize Loading = In Progress

    Jin User Compensation Rewards:
    We currently count with about 400 accounts that completed the Jin Christmas Compensation requirements. Please be patient while we manually modify the stats on certain account that meet the requirements stated in the event.

    Jin User Compensation will be fully completed before 01/09/2015

    Customer Support URL Changes:
    We have currently updated our Support URL which is now http://support.playwithi.com/
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