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    Jin User Compensation Rewards "Christmas Edition"

    Greetings Rohanians!
    As you all may know, we previously made an statement of creating a new Jin user compensation event. The previous Jin user compensation event had several requirements that limited some of our long time players to obtain their long time obtained items boosted. This time we will make it a bit more simple as you will be collecting items from the current event we have in effect. Do this, and if you meet certain requirements we will proceed to boost your item.

    Date of the Event: 12/16/2014 - 01/06/2014

    What are the requirements:
    You must be at least level 100 in order to receive rewards
    A Player's account/character must have been created on or before October 31st.
    Compensation will be provided to current active users who did not arrive from the Philippines Character merge.

    What you need to do:
    In order for us to verify your in-game activity and eligibility you will have to do the following until the end of the event.
    • Collect 200 Event Vouchers or more (From Christmas Event, Vouchers drop from monsters)

    This way, if you desire the Compensation Boost, we will be able to verify that your character meets with the requirements.
    These event vouchers will not be deleted or removed, so you will be able to use them for the event.

    The weapon your character currently has equipped when the compensation happens will be provided a 35% increase on stats based on the current ones it possesses. This excludes Philippine equipment obtained. Crafted Equipment will only be boosted to +18

    Limitations are made to prevent items to exceed the intended boosts.
    The limitations are the following:

    Stat Limitations
    • Health % = can only be boosted up to 70%
    • Damage Drop % = Can only be boosted up to 65%
    • Stats = Can only be boosted up to 150 "stat"
    • Melee, Ranged & Magic Attack = Can only be boosted up to 65%

    Equipment Limitation
    • Philippines equipment will NOT be eligible for boosting
    • The boosting will be made to weapons level 99 and above.
    • The Crafted Equipment includes Chimera, Ferkhan's, Tali's, Extreme, Opaniel's weapons.
    • Only ONE weapon per account will be boosted.

    Boosting Time:
    The Equipment Boosting Schedule will be 01/06 - 01/09 so please be patient while we undergo compensation.

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    For Stats Limitation. What About Crit Rate!!!! YNK arent helping Agility Dhans go anywhere!!

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    Will End Game weapons be boost since they are above lvl 99???

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    Is the accessories will also be boosted?

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    GM please include the Glacials weapon from ph.. 60stat 60melee 50dd. you exclude only the OVERPOWER fenatis or WOC

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    What if I gather 200+ vouchers on a ran char can I then get a jin item boosted?

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    Ynk compensate = no compensate at all gz, what Jin player will do with this "compensated ****ty weapon" vs upgrade/ and now upg. glacials.... ?????? plz tell me Atzigan, And lets say i play vit DK Pvp only cuz , U think i will farm those ****ty vouchers? so U can say its not dummy account?
    As for compensate u could atleast give Jin players that new upgreade ring set, or something that is WORTH SOMETHING on RAN, Cuz i remind U that U and your crew LIED JIN PLAYERS saying it will be free of upgreades!

    btw, thx for compensate aka thx for nothing!

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    What about my Glacial Split Zhen that is deleveled to 98 ?? How do I get the boost for this item?

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    Even if they will boost ALL our gear without that stupid req. It's still will be crap compared to items on Ran. So Atzigan laugt at us calling this "COMPENSATE"

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    I hope this Event is not same of the old compensation -.- everydays logged,Ashkeena,elemental and 50h log for NOTHING -.- no troll Event pls
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