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    Maintenance Notes 12/16/2014

    Greetings Rohanians!
    The following has been conducted during maintenance on 12/16:

    • Special Services Processed
    • EM Transactions Refreshed (12/16/2014 12:00AM Pacific Time)
    • Back End Preparation of Trinity Update
    • Routine Server Maintenance Conducted

    Content Update:
    • R.O.H.A.N.: Christmas Cards Event Update Applied
    • Evil Santa's Invasion Event Update Applied
    • Keep Rolling the Snowball Event Update Applied
    • Christmas Ain't Over Til' It's Over Event Update Applied
    • Isen Achievement System Event Updated 12/16 - 01/19
    • Rohanopoly Fortune Treasure Pocket items changed to Christmas Items
    • Rohanopoly Golden Key will now provide a Sealed Snowman (30 Days) instead of a Fortune Treasure Pocket
    • Ran/Jin Achievement System Fortune Treasure Pocket replaced by Wrath of Ohn
    • Fortune Treasure Pocket NPCs Removed
    • Fortune Treasure Pocket Items Removed
    • Isen Achievement Points Reset

    Item Loading:
    • Four Rings to Rule them All Monday Purchases - Loaded
    • Upgrade Equipment Monday Purchases - Loaded

    "If you happen to have any issues please contact us to resolve any incidents"

    Blessing Boosts:
    • Upcoming Blessing Boosts Established to all Servers
    • Jin Server Rate Changes - Due to several back end preparations Rate Changes will take effect on 12/17 11:00PM PST

    Game Issues:
    • Rohanopoly Issue "Unable to Obtain Free Coins" - Resolved
    • Isen Achievement System Known Issues "Unable to Obtain Points" - Resolved
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