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    i sent 2 tickets .. cuz i bought the 4th part glacial club mele , and i got weapon voucher ...

    today i didn't find the weapon voucher and didn't receive the 4th part -.-

    could u help me atzigan ?


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    From 30/11 untill 16/12 i didnt receive my upg part

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    Did you check all your characters in that account, they sometimes put the weapon's on lowbies...I got some of mine on a 108 char and a friend had some on a 9x char.

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    Check all your characters. If they don't have it, try to send a follow up ticket. Maybe, they are doing some priorities. Take some time. Like mine.

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    You this is not customer support just follow up in tickets
    The thing I hate the most is to trample on other people's good will.

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    Ahahahhaha.. i hope everyone will use the community wisely

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